The Leos Club


LeosThe Flatlands Leos were installed in March, 2011, the first club in the 53 year long history of the Flatlands Lions Club.  The Leos, ages 8-18, learn about community service by running their own events with mentoring assistance from the Lions.  The Leos elect their own officers and set up their own activities and for all intents, are responsible for running their organization.  This responsibility provides the Leos with invaluable lessons about community service, teamwork and  leadership.  The Flatlands Leos have not only embraced these challenges, but have taken them to heart –  leading the way in helping to maintain the environment, helping in the rehabilitation in Marine Park, and the historic Lott House, assisting with health programs, such as Ovarian and Breast Cancer and helping community feeding programs such as #Hashtag LunchBag, as well as organizing clothing, food and  book drives, just to name a few.    

They have set out an ambitious agenda for 2019-2020 season.  We will be hearing a lot of good things from the Flatlands Leos this year!


Flatlands Leos Club Officers

Leo Jemar Pitt

Vice President
Leo Sashan Harris

Leo Kailah Hyndman

Leo Joel Simmons


Flatlands Lions

Leo Coordinators
Lion Larry Esposito

Lion John Cucarese