Dec 112011

Flatland Lions, Leos and Friends

Dec 10, 2011 – Santa was joined by Flatlands Lions and Leos elves at the Crown Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Brooklyn, to spread some holiday cheer for the residents and the staff.  With a boisterous “Ho Ho Ho – How are ya?”, Santa and his helpers went room to room, bearing presents and holiday wishes, while filling the halls with the sound of Christmas carols.  Residents in the community rooms were serenaded by the group as well, accompanied by a ukulele playing elf, named Adam! The Lions and Leos also delivered over two hundred Christmas cards and messages for the Crown residents, penned by the children of the P.S. 312 community.

There were many touching moments, with smiles and thanks and memories to carry away, but some always stand out.  One of the residents, a Jewish woman, who although pleased to have Santa and his helpers drop by, expressed some chagrin that her holiday was not represented.  As we talked, Adam began to softly strum the ukulele and to sing, I have a little dreidel, I made it out of clay… Tears began to well up in her eyes, “Oh, how that brings me back to my childhood.” she said, and leaned back in her pillow, staring out at a place and a time far away.  “And when it’s dry and ready, then dreidel I shall play...” she listened, smiling  – and you could almost see the young girl in her face and hear the peals of laughter ringing out on a December afternoon long, long ago. The music stopped, and in the ensuing silence, she looked up at us ,”You made my day, thank you so much for coming here today,”  As we walked out into the hallway, it was difficult to tell from all the beaming faces, who was more thankful.

Sometimes we forget that even the smallest things we do can make a big difference.

Happy Holidays to All.


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