Lions are Responding to the Disaster in the Philippines. 

We need your Help!

9.5 million people are affected.  Over 600,000 are homeless.
Your help is urgently needed to help provide food, water
and emergency medical supplies



The Flatlands Lions and Leos welcome you.

As a member of the Lions Club International (LCI), the largest service organization in the world, we have been serving our community since 1958.  We are an all volunteer group, coming from diverse backgrounds, united by a common desire to serve.

 Since we are a volunteer organization, we guarantee that 100% of the funds we raise get to their intended targets.As long-time members of the community, we can rely on our experience to insure that we find the areas that need our help.


Hurricane Sandy Relief

   Flatlands Responds                  $40,000 Donation              Massachusetts Lions Help

The Flatlands Lions and Lions of District 20-K1 have teamed with volunteers from all over the country to help our neighbors in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

This important work is ongoing and we are committed to help see it through.